What is STEAM Education?

“An approach to teaching and lifelong learning that emphasizes the natural interconnectedness of the five separate STEAM disciplines–Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic Innovation, and Mathematics. The connections are made explicit through collaboration between educators resulting in a real and appropriate context built into instruction, curriculum, and assessment. The common element of problem-solving is emphasized across all STEAM disciplines allowing students to discover, explore, and apply critical thinking skills as they learn.”

Why we are here

Ours was one of six regional hubs awarded a total of $2.8 million in state funds in February 2014. The Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub was awarded $325,000 to build a solid infrastructure to provide STEAM education in Douglas County. The hubs represent 21 counties and are working, among other goals, to double the number of students who earn post-secondary degree requiring proficiency in STEM fields. Our hub is targeted to impact Douglas County youth and provide professional development support for adults serving youth.

Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub goals include Uniting schools, nonprofit groups, businesses, and civic leaders to drive education for these types of opportunities
  • Engaging students early in STEAM-related classroom activities and out-of-school workshops
  • Assisting in a statewide goal to double the percentage of students in fourth and eighth grades who are proficient or advanced in mathematics and science, as determined by a national assessment.
  • Increasing the number of students who earn a post-secondary degree requiring proficiency in STEM fields.

Why STEM? Why Now?

Science, Education, Engineering and Mathematics are four crucial 21st century skills with a high demand in the workforce. In Douglas County, the “A” in STEAM represents the added discipline of art. It recognizes the link between STEM subjects and the artistic component of creative thinking and innovation.