Policies and Procedures related to COVID-19

The Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub would like to announce that we are open for business and actively loaning out equipment, and providing professional development for educators.  Because of the ongoing pandemic, we have made some changes to how we do business to ensure that we are keeping ourselves and others safe.  Here is what we have implemented as a response to COVID-19:

1 - All equipment that is loaned out will be thoroughly disinfected once it is returned.  Our methods of disinfection follow recommended guidelines based on the most up-to-date information on COVID-19.  This will include physical washing with a mild bleach or disinfecting solution followed by a thorough rinse in clean water, thoroughly wiped down with disinfecting wipes for equipment that cannot be submerged in liquid, or exposed to ultraviolet lights for a minimum of 6 hours for equipment that cannot get wet.
2 - We ask that teachers do not have students share equipment with other students unless it is disinfected before it is passed on to the other students.
3 - Each piece of equipment will have a disinfection plan that will be supplied to the educator so they can clean an item and pass it on to another student.
4 - Once equipment is returned from an educator, it will not be available for check out for a minimum of 3 days to ensure we have the time to properly clean and disinfect it.
5 - Most professional development opportunities will be held virtually via Zoom.  This will ensure the safety of all participants.  Depending on the type of PD, and enrollment, we may have in-person workshops and classes.  When conducting in-person PD, we will require all participants to wear appropriate face masks or face shields, and keep a minimum of 6 feet apart.